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mai 29 2020 - jun 01 2020


18:00 - 16:00


Vi deler på kostnaden til mat.

Working retreat 2 – Building the frame

Oslo Buddhistsenter is 20 years old! To celebrate this we will upgrade our cottage facilities – Skogly – that has a beautiful little meditation hall, to get more beds for retreatants to sleep in. We want to be able to go on retreat with 10 people, year around. To be able to do this we will convert the old boat house to a small dorm and chill-out place. At this retreat we will create the main fraim and work on upgrading toilet and washroom fasilities.

This is an excellent opportunity to exercise work-as-practice or karma-yoga. On these retreats we will start by identifying areas we are working on in ourselves. The daily program will be roughly: Meditation, breakfast, planning the day physically and practically, working, break, working, lunch, working, swimming, dinner, sharing from the work as spiritual practice that day, ritual, sleep. Through this program we will have excellent opportunities to grow both through helping in the world by building a retreat centre and working on your own habits – celebrating your strengths and meeting unskillful habits with awareness and increasing insight. We aim to make the building project as environmentally friendly as possible and create a safe haven for the future. This will for example turn the toilets into an effective composting toilets to enrich the soil with Nitrates, sourcing materials for re-use etc.. We are interested in your input for good solutions.

There are three areas of work: The boat-house total conversion, the toilets upgrading, the bathroom divided in two closed rooms.

We will speak the language of whoever is there – norwegian or english.

The retreats will be led by Dharmachari Gunaketu who has long experience in using work as spiritual practice both in creating the current Manchester Buddhist Centre and three versions of the Oslo Buddhistsenter, as well as the conversion of the Skogly garage into Ravneet meditation hall (from where the pictures are from).

Skogly is situated 12 minutes drive from Roa train station at Hadeland. We will arrange transport to and from the station, and help find places to stay privately if you arrive early or are staying on. The cottage is owned by Muditadevi and Gunaketu and they have let it out for retreats and solitary retreats at cost-price for almost two decades. We will now ask for donations, and borrow the rest to pay for the upgrade. To repay the loans we will charge a little above cost-price for the use of the retreat centre in the future. Those who help with the building project will enjoy cost-price for solitary retreats. 

This is a low-pressure, low-risk project which means it is easier to turn the work into genuine spiritual practice. We very much look forward to seeing you there 🙂

Cost for the retreat: The only cost for you is the shared cost for food and your travels to Skogly.

The times for retreats will be as follows with a tentative agenda:

When What Leaders and comments
30.4-3.5. (1 may) Demolish the old boathouse and recover whatever materials we can. Build foundation frame, floor and as far as we get on the bearing structure. Gunaketu
29.5-1.6 (pinse) Building the new boathouse with doors, windows and start outer panelling. Make systems to handle the loos. Separate the old bathroom in two and install an extra sink. Gunaketu
9-14.6 Complete outer panelling and start inner panelling. Build small walls and install doors and windows in the toilet and bathroom.  Working retreat for men – annonser på
9-12.7 Nature contact. This will be a retreat where Gunaketu and Anna brings us into closer contact and appreciation of nature. We will also build the communal bonfire place outside the boathouse. Working retreat for Nature Kontakt with Anna og Gunaketu?
28-30.8 Painting and decorating. Miscellaneous. Celebrating the work, practice and what we have achieved. Buddhainnsjø – family weekend at Skogly with work and fun and finishing touches. Gunaketu, Dennis, Eva, Mudita Devi

Book here by 15.5.2000.

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