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jul 19 2019 - jul 28 2019


18:00 - 11:00



Meditation retreat led by Paramananda

Our annual meditation retreat will be led by Paramananda. He is a well known and widely respected meditation teacher, leading classes and retreats both in the UK and internationally.  Ordained in Triratna buddhist order in 1985, he is the author of several popular books about meditation and Buddhist practice, including the best-selling Change Your Mind, as well as A Deeper Beauty and The Art of meditation: The Body. He has been involved in the West London Buddhist Centre for many years, and has served as its Chair.

This is the longer annual meditation retreat for the Oslo Buddhist centre. Retreat is an important part of practice. In particular meditation retreats offers an opportunity to experience other dimensioons of ourselves and consciousness. Most of the retreat will be in silence. It is suitable for people who have been practising meditation regularly for at least 6 months and are familiar with mindfulness of breathing, metta bhavana and rituals as done in the Triratna Buddhist community. If you haven’t been meditating for that long, but are keen to come on the retreat and have attended at least one course in Buddhism and/or meditation, get in touch with us. The participants has to stay for the whole retreat.

Place: Lillomarkskapellet in Nittedal, just outside of Oslo. Travel – look at Facebook or our website.

Cost: The running cost of the retreat is 5.100NOK per participant including vegan food and simple lodging. If you want to contribute to a fund to help those who cannot aford this – specify that when you send us mony. If you cannot aford this, let us know and we will distribute whatever is paid into the bursary fund. You might want to give something to the leader of the retreat for his effort as «dana».
Payment to Oslo Buddhistsenter, account: 1254.05.10421. Vipps: #10874. If you are not based in Norway, pay by PayPal to post [at] (written as email address without spaces). Mark the payment “Meditation retreat + your name”.

Booking by 21.6.19 by filling in this form. Please also tick that you will come on Facebook – to let others know 🙂 First come first serve – yet the Norwegian sangha has priority 😉

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