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mar 20 2020 - mar 22 2020


18:00 - 15:00

Celebratory retreat – Oslo Buddhistsenter 20 years

We initiated the Oslo Buddhistsenter 19th of February 2000. 20 years later we want to celebrate with a weekend retreat.

In fact it is a threefold celebration. First we celebrate Thursday 20th of February, as part of our introductory course: Very fitting to celebrate our birthday by introducing new people to the Buddhas dharma! Then we celebrate with this weekend retreat where we invite people who have helped us on the way. Finally we celebrate with a 9-day long meditation retreat over Easter: From nothing to something to nothing again: The Heart Sutra in Norwegian (in English).

We will return with the content of this weekend retreat later,

The place is Lillomarkskapellet beautifully situated in the forrest just outside Oslo.

Cost: The running cost of the retreat is 1.900NOK per participant including vegan food and simple lodging, or 1.300 you are unwaged. If you want to contribute to a fund to help those who cannot aford this – specify that when you send us money with a note «bursary». If you cannot aford this, let us know and we will distribute whatever is paid into the bursary fund. You might want to give something to the leader of the retreat for his effort as «dana». Payment to Oslo Buddhistsenter, account: 1254.05.10421. Vipps: #10874. If you are not based in Norway, pay by PayPal to Mark the payment “Meditation retreat + your name”.

Book here by 1.3.2020

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