Forskjellige ressurser til hvordan praktisere i usikre tider

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Velkommen til denne verktøykassen for hvordan du kan gjøre det beste ut av vanskelige situasjoner. Vi håper den er til nytte og gi oss gjerne tilbakemeldinger hvis lenker ikke fungerer og du har andre forslag.

A Dharma Toolkit for Uncertain Times at Community support for your practice.
Your local Buddhist Centre is likely closed by now as we all take care of each other through this extraordinary time. Which means many of us are going to be spending a bit more time online in all sorts of ways.

We want to support you in finding the Dharma resources you need to stay connected and inspired when you’re at home and more apart than usual from your friends and loved ones. And to explore how online practice can be an antidote to some of the likely issues you may face during an extended shutdown (and which the web doesn’t always help!): misinformation, anxiety, an increased sense of isolation. Like any context in life, online will only work for us if we set up the conditions well. We hope this space can be part of what helps you figure that out!

You’ll find a great set of resources within our dedicated online spaces over the next weeks and months:

Daily open sit meditations to help you stay grounded and in connection with others.

Daily podcasts with a diverse range of guests and voices to renew your sense of a wider community standing with you.

Buddhistisk praksis i et samfunn preget av usikkerhet som under koronapandemien av Gunaketu (2020). I denne videoen forteller Gunaketu fra Oslo Buddhistsenter om to praksiser man kan engasjere i vanskelige, usikre eller kaotiske tider. Det ener er å kultivere emosjonell positivitet og en vennlig aksept. Det andre er å lære seg å gi slipp på det som var og ens forventninger til det som kommer.

Utöva Dharma I Ovissa Tider by Prasadacarin (2020)
En dharmakväll som ägde rum både på centret och online via zoom samtidigt. Ett föredrag samt en ledd meditation. Temat var hur vi kan fördjupa vår dharmapraktik i ovissa tider, just nu under covid-19-pandemin.

Hjertesutra – som vi resiterer i den syvdelte puja (ritual):

Introduction to Puja (Touching the Sublime) by Vadanya (2008): Vadanya explores the stages of the sevonfold puja as inspired by Santideva’s Bodhicaryavatara. Talk given at Sangha Night, Sheffield Buddhist Centre on 25th March 2008. Part of a series on Great Buddhist Texts.

The Heart of Perfect Wisdom by Vadanya (2018): The Heart Sutra is a text many of us are very familiar with. We chant it during the sevenfold puja and some of us even know it off by heart, but what does it mean? In the first of two main talks given during the Great Gathering weekend in November. Vadanya explores the meaning of the Heart Sutra.

Impressions of the Heart Sutra by Padmavajra (2018): The second talk of the Great Gathering weekend held in November 2018 at Padmaloka retreat centre. The theme of the weekend was ‘the Heart Sutra: Emptiness and Great Compassion’.

Meditasjon med pusten

The Mindfulness of Breathing: Introduction and Guidance by Kamalashila (1995):
This is Kamalashila’s essential guide to working in the ‘Mindfulness of Breathing’ meditation. This meditation is an indispensable part of any set of practices, and here we have a thoughtful and sympathetic introduction, suitable for beginners and old hands alike. This is a companion recording to the full and short lead-throughs of the meditation itself which can also be found on the site. This talk is part of the series Getting Started in Meditation.

Meditation Workshop – Five Breaths by Amaragita (2015): As a companion to her talk, The Possibility of Practice and her guided Meditation on the Three Bodies (physical, emotional, and mental) this workshop is indispensable. Amaragita explodes and expands notions around the practice of paying attention via awareness of the breath, using the deceptively simple exercise of taking just five breaths through the day. We hear how the practice relates to the theory of Buddhist meditation and are encouraged to choose and learn from our direct experience of how we respond to our breath in the moment. There is also a chance to try it out as you listen – and we highly recommend that you do! A moving, quietly revolutionary take on practice for parents, and for anyone who has a full, busy life and needs some tools to take on anxiety and stress. Just five breaths…

Metta bhavana – meditasjon med kjærlig vennlighet

Metta Bhavana: Letting Kindness Happen by Ratnaguna (2012): Ratnaguna on the metta bhavana, or development of loving kindness, in a talk given at Manchester Buddhist Centre in February 2012. He explores ways to develop metta.

Metta As a Path to Insight – Preamble to a Tara Puja by Maitridevi (2016): Exploring the watery qualities of the heart. Longing as heart’s response to it’s own vastness. The movement from the depths to the surface. A preamble to a Tara Puja given on the GFR Metta as a Path to Insight retreat held at Taraloka February 2016.

Love and the Beauty of Broken Things by Maitridevi (2018): A beautiful talk by Maitridevi given at Triratna Night in which she explores how things that are broken can be given a fresh perspective through their repair and how, through this process, a greater beauty can be revealed. At Manchester Buddhist Centre, March 2018.

Metta Bhavana – Full Lead-through by Kamalashila (1995): This is a full lead-through of the traditional meditation practice known as ‘Metta Bhavana’ – the development of loving kindness. The Metta Bhavana is one of the bases of any Buddhist practice – an essential complement to breath-based mindfulness meditations. Kamalashila is an excellent guide and has been teaching meditation for 30 years.

Andre forelesninger:

What Do We Really Know About the Buddha? by Dhivan (2008): A lovely talk here from the excellent Dhivan. Be prepared for the odd surprise as he considers the relationship between what we think we may know about the Buddha, and what the historical evidence suggests. As Dhivan sifts the information that’s come down to us, we meet several different versions of a human being as he blurs with the archetypal presence he has also come to represent. Yet whichever manifestation we prefer, more than anything this talk brings us face to face with the rich and moving legacy of a brilliant and truly compassionate individual, changing the world he took part in, stepping out of history «with the walk of a lion, the walk of a swan». Talk given at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre, 2008

The Tender Gravity of Kindness by Maitridevi (2014): Maitridevi explores what the myth of Persephone has to do with our practice of the metta bhavana.

A Paradise Built In Hell by Vaddhaka (2020)
Vaddhaka explores how Buddhist myth and actual historical events highlight the human instinct to come together in times of great crisis, to create a ‘paradise built in hell’. He reflects upon the ways in which our online world can foster a shared sense of suffering and a sense of community during the current pandemic.

Wisdom’s Gathering: the Difference That Makes a Difference by Dhammamegha (2017): Dhammamegha speaks about Sangha as Dharma practice and how spiritual community and friendship with the admirable are part of our heritage in Triratna. A talk given on the Triratna International Gathering at Adhisthana, 27 August 2017.

Buddhism and the Big Qs 1. Save the World, Save Yourself by Saraha (2011): World problems, spiritual possibilities. drawing from stories in the Pali Canon and from experiences of our Sangha. Saraha looks at how Buddhist wisdom might suggest a way forward.

For Heroic Spirits Intended-Talk One by Ratnaguna (2018): The first of four talks given by Ratnaguna during the annual Padmaloka Open Retreat. The theme of the retreat was ‘For Heroic Spirits Intended…’ and was based around the Ratnaguna Samcayagatha-a profound Mahayana Sutra. A new translation by Sraddhapa of the text was used for the first time during the retreat. You can find this text at ?raddh?pa’s website here: ttps:// Talk given at Padmaloka retreat centre in 2018. This talk is part of the series For Heroic Spirits Intended.

 Forty Years On – The Six Emphases of the FWBO/Triratna by Sangharakshita:. Here’s a newly released talk by Sangharakshita given at the Manchester Buddhist Centre to mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Western Buddhist Order. He has some great reminisences about the early days of the FWBO (Friends of the Western Buddhist Order), and is on top form as he considers the uniting factors of this diverse group of people who are engaged with the project of discovering Buddhism all over again for the modern world.

The Awakening heart by Parami. This is the first talk in the series of the same name. It touches on aspects of Sangharakshita’s ‘system of meditation’, and most specifically the area of positive emotion. Parami is an ideal guide for this sort of material, steeped as she is in study and practice engaged with in the light of the ‘Bodhichitta’, and the Bodhisattva Ideal itself.:

Gautama Buddha. A series of talks by Vishvapani. A significant new series of talks by Vishvapani to launch his book ‘Gautama Buddha – Life And Teachings Of The Awakened One’ (Quercus, 2011). Now available exclusively on Free Buddhist Audio, this superb five-talk series highlights various key themes woven into the legendary accounts of the Buddha’s life and the historical records of his great vision of reality that have come down to us through the ages. Bringing a broad cultural awareness and a depth of personal practice to bear on his subject, Vishvapani’s biography of Gautama takes us into the world he inhabited, offering glimpses of the Buddha’s personality and exploring his relationship with nature and his own society as evidenced in the earliest Buddhist texts. The insights afforded into our own conditioning and cultural context are both profoundly revealing and challenging. The talks are supplemented by a bonus recording of a fascinating discussion between Vishvapani and renowned psychologist Dorothy Rowe on ‘Buddhism, Science and Reality – How Can We Understand Ourselves?’ Essential listening by any standards.


A Love of Broken Things by Maitridevi where she explores looking at ways to re-vision breaking and brokenness in ourselves and in relationships so that we can hold them with love: 


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